Winstrol is hugely effective in cutting cycles

Winstrol is hugely effective in cutting cycles

Winstrol is the brand name of Stanozolol hormone, developed by Winthrop Laboratoriesin the year 1962. It is also known by other names such as Winny and Winsol. This steroid is available in the oral as well as the injectable forms. Most steroids are available in an injectable form and they can be potentially painful. The oral form does away with the requirements for injectables and opens the door for more benefits. Due to its ability to provide lean muscle mass and strength, it is a well-known compound among athletes who are into sports and competition. People use this compound to gain strength without weight gain due to its fat burning properties.

This hormone is mild in nature compared to other anabolic compounds and the effects can be quite promising when used for correct reasons. It is famous for both men and women athletes and seems to be relatively effective for female users. Female bodybuilders prefer this steroid because of the non-presence of the androgenic side effects. Women benefit with this steroid without the possible side effects. This trait enables them to focus more on the goals of working out without worrying about the adverse effects. It is favored by professional athletes as it provides lean muscle mass and strength in cutting cycles.

Proper cycling of this medication

The perfect dosage for the injectable form is 35-70mg per day whereas for the oral version, it is 25-50mg daily. This dosage is appropriate for men but in women, there is a difference in drug dosage. Some bodybuilders and athletes use this drug to get strength and endurance without extra bulk. These athletes do not want to carry more weight so they avoid bulky and heavy muscles. The bodybuilders lift weights so they look for enhancement of muscle size. It is a perfect choice for both as it retains muscle weight, burns fat and additionallyit enhances strength without an increase in body weight.

The bodybuilders find this steroid more effective in their cutting cycles. Different cutting cycles are achieved due to the difference in results between the oral and the injectable forms. Injectable cycles are used for 8-10 weeks and the oral pills’ cycle is between 6-8 weeks. Some athletes have gained mass in a bulking phase but it is generally used in an athletic community during cutting cycles. The cyclesare used before a contest to cut fat but they can retain strength. During the cycle, other injectables and testosterone pills are used to boost the cutting effects. Sometimes three different products are used to get the intended results.

Buying this compound

The tablets come in the dosage of 10-50mg, both containing the Stanozolol hormone. The majority of the women get the best results at 10mg tablets and this is usually the recommended dosage given per day. Most men are served best at 50mg per tablet and this is the typical recommended dosage. Those purchasing the injectable form get it in the solution called Winstrol Depot. The injectable is administered through muscular injection and can be taken orally too. The injectable form seems to be really effective and the nitrogen retention is higher when injected rather than taken orally. The injectables are widespread but the tablets aren’t rare also.


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