Selecting the right anti-depressant for you – How to know which one will suit you

Selecting the right anti-depressant for you – How to know which one will suit you

Anti-depressants are one of the most popular choices for treating depression. Although they are not the ultimate panacea to all your depression woes but they can at least reduce the occurence of the symptoms. Suppose you tried a first antidepressant and it worked fine for you but what if it doesn’t relieve you of the actual symptoms and you find them recurring time and again? What if it still causes the side effects that it used to cause before you took them?

No, you don’t have to surrender because there are plenty of options when it comes to antidepressants without prescription. There are wide array of choices that you can find out online and with consultation with your doctor. Here we will help you with finding out the best antidepressant for yourself.

Step #1: Understand your specific symptoms

Depression symptoms can vary from one person to another and one antidepressant can relieve different symptoms in a better way than the other. For instance, in case you have trouble while sleeping, an antidepressant which has a low dose of sedative in it will be a good option.

Step #2: Know about the potential side effects

Just as the symptoms of depression vary, the side effects of the antidepressants also vary from one medicine to another and from one person to another. Nevertheless, there are few side effects that can be bothersome like gaining of weight, dry mouth and sexual issues which can make it tough for the patient to continue the treatment. Hence you have to discuss the major effects if you fail to take the medicines.

Step #3: Know whether it worked for your relative

If possible, you should try to know whether or not a specific medicine had worked for some of your first-degree relative like your sibling or parent as this can imply how well it can work for you. In case an antidepressant has given a positive effect for your state of depression in the past, it might even work well once again.

Step #4: Beware if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

If you decide to use antidepressants while you’re pregnant or you are breast-feeding your baby, you have to balance your decision between the benefits and risks. Although the risk of occurence of birth defects and other problems to babies of moms who take antidepressants is pretty low, yet you should discuss things with your OB/GYN.

Step #5: Check your other health conditions

There are few antidepressants which can lead to health issues if you have specific physical or mental health conditions. On the contrary, there are some antidepressants which can treat other mental or physical health conditions with depression. You have to be sure that the antidepressant that you take doesn’t clash with the other medicines that you’re taking for other health conditions.

Therefore, when you’re making a decision of choosing the right antidepressant, make sure you follow the above mentioned considerations before choosing one.

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