Planning a Successful Baby Shower

Planning a Successful Baby Shower

Baby showers are an age-old tradition. Women look forward to their baby showers almost as much as they do their weddings. The purpose of a baby shower is to provide the mothers to be with gifts that will help her move into motherhood. Over the years some traditions have changed. What used to be a for women only event has now become comfortably coed. One tradition that seems to have continued is that the best friend of the mother to be hosts the baby shower. It is considered rude for a family member to host the baby shower. It is looked on as if the family is begging for gifts.

Planning a baby shower can be easy if approached correctly. The key is to be organized. Having a good plan will ensure the party goes off without a hitch. Establishing a guest list is the first step. The number of people that will be attending has a direct effect on several other aspects of planning the baby shower. The number of guest will determine where you will be able to have the baby shower at. After you have an ideal of who all is expected to be there you can then establish a location for the baby shower. Establishing a location and picking the day of the baby shower go hand in hand. Even if the baby shower is held at your home not every day, that would be ideal for the baby shower, will work for you or even the others that are to attend. You want to find a date that is about 6-8 before the intended due date.

 After the guest list is made, the date has been chosen and the location determined it is time to pick a theme to base your decorations & entertainment on. A theme adds to the fun. You will need to purchase decoration, food, gift’s, and items for the entertainment. The cheaper you can buy things for, the more money that can go into gifts or just be saved. By searching online for discounts, you can find websites that provide the coupon and discount codes that various merchants are offering. On such merchant is Babies R Us. They use a website called to make their discounts available.

Over time the gifts given have changed. Early on, the gifts were only for the child. As time went on the baby shower become about more than helping with material items for the baby. It also started providing the mother-to-be with help on how to be a first-time mom. As time went by the intention turned more towards educating the mother-to-be on where to find social support and about the consumer goods that are available instead of giving it to her. Advancements in technology has changed the gifts and events that are done at the baby shower. The technology age has made it easier for the mother-to-be to find support, to get help and to learn what material items that are available.

The technology age has made contacting guest easier. You no longer must wait on the mail. Invitations can now be sent via email, text, phone call, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. While waiting to get your RSVP’s the plan can be worked out for what theme will be used to decorate and for the entertainment at the baby shower. Once all the RSVP’s have been received, the menu can be established. You want to wait because you don’t want to have too much nor too little cake and snacks. Now everything is planned and the only thing left to do is have a baby shower.

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