Look after your feet the right way

Look after your feet the right way

When you are already or still becoming an athlete, you will come to know the value of your feet more and more. There is not a whole lot worse than trying to run a race or undertake a cricket match as a bowler or play a game of rugby union as a wing when your foot or feet are not in the best of shape. You might just be getting old or you might have injured the body part at some stage or another. Either way, or in other circumstances, you need to have the right sort of doctor at hand to help you through such a painful or inconvenient time.

Long and the short of it

If it is your ankle, or heel or whatever part of your foot that is ailing, the Adelaide Hills podiatrist and counterparts in other parts of the country and the world should be able to help you. Their treatment should or could have you back on the road in a brief period of time. With the right sort of love and care and correct type of prescription for pain and inflammation, your recovery period could be as short as a couple of days. In other situations, though, it could be quite long – and might require extended periods on the bed or the couch to keep your foot elevated and off the ground.

After the act

It’s important to give yourself enough time to rest and recuperate from your injury. Your foot doctor will definitely advise you of this, so please do yourself the greatest of favours by listening up. Don’t rush back. You will do yourself more harm than good. Try your best to practise patience. Don’t mess yourself or your body around by coming back to the track or the field days or weeks ahead of the scheduled time. You will be glad that you put in the extra rest. Six weeks out is better than six years out, so keep that in mind when tempted to come back earlier than you actually should.

Be prepared

When you do get back into the action, on the track or on the field, you must be willing to understand that you won’t be at 100 percent from the word go. You will have to work at it at increments. You can’t just be all guns blazing from the very beginning. If you refer to athletes who have gone through this in the past, they will be the first to tell you that it can be a long road back.

In the future

In time to come, if your ankle is feeling a bit wonky, you will be able to remember the symptoms and the warning signs of the past and prepare accordingly. This way, you will be able to negate the stuff that comes along and hopefully not end up in the doctors’ rooms again. Instead, you treat it well and get a lot more rest again, making sure that you pre-empt the health problem rather than deal with it once it has happened.


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