Important Stanozolol Benefits for Bodybuilders

Important Stanozolol Benefits for Bodybuilders

The world of bodybuilding has tried many steroids and drugs for a greater effect. One steroid that tops the list is Stanozolol till today for it is very good in lean muscle developing with fewer side effects. There are many Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) available for them but none comes close to the benefits of this drug for it can be used to develop muscle and at the same time reduce body fat. Apart from that, it can also be used with other steroids for better efficiency whereas, with others steroids, the combination has to be looked into very closely. It not only enables muscle developing, it also gives the user strength, stamina and durability at the same time without much side effects.

Drug Interaction

It would be good if the user understands how the drug works in the body. Stanozolol is the chemical name of the synthetic steroid which is commonly called as Winstrol. It is available as tablet form due to its bioavailability in the oral form. Due to its 5-alpha-reductase form, it can easily pass through the liver. It resembles one of the male hormones, but is a derivative and called as Dihydrotestosterone.  Unlike other AAS, it does not bind to Androgenic Receptors cells like skin, hair or prostate and most of the action takes as anabolic functions. This increases the muscle mass strength and stamina. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent relieving pain in the joints. Due to this, an athlete can work more hard and long hours in a gym. Stanazol steroid review is almost always found to be positive amongst the users. Due to its capabilities, it falls under the performance-enhancing drugs and is specifically forbidden in the use of competitive sports. Almost all the sports associations have banned the drug and a user is liable for a ban if found out.

Drug Benefits.

In medicine, it is used to treat anemia and angioedema. However, its use as a medicinal drug has been discontinued due to its side effects. Still, it has found favor among the bodybuilders and athletes for its performance-enhancing capabilities. It can metabolize fat into energy giving strength and stamina to the user. An increase in bone strength gives the user the capability to work long hours. It also has the ability to grow leaner muscle and without the ugly effect of water retention. Increased speed, agility and stamina are other benefits. Unlike other AAS, it does not esterify into Estrogen and risk of gynecomastia is almost nil with this drug. It also allows the user to combine other steroids with this one so the effects are multiplied.


Stanozolol is not without risks as it does show some side effects. Stanazol steroid review by users and medical journals indicate that headache, nausea and vomiting, high cholesterol and increase blood pressure are some common side effects. Women who take this drug run the risk of masculinity and virility at high doses. Men may experience low levels of testosterone and are advised to take testosterone injections at regular interval. Liver toxicity with the tablet is a cause for concern to most users. Users should stick to the dose and usage limits so that these do not manifest permanently.


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