Get Expert Tips and Solutions for Teeth Sensitivity

Get Expert Tips and Solutions for Teeth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem for most adults. The short-term, yet intense pain causes discomfort and affects one’s every day routine. In general, tooth sensitivity signs a variety of other problems, including emerging cavities and tooth cracks.  It prevents individuals from concentrating on one particular task at a time. Even touching the teeth with the tongue can be excruciating and this is specifically quite bad during a sudden climate change. Teeth sensitivity can be of two types such as Dentinal Sensitivity in which the dentin when exposed can stimulate these tubes and changes in temperature or certain foods. Another type of sensitivity is Pulpal Sensitivity in which a reaction occurs in the pulp of the tooth.Image result for Get Expert Tips and Solutions for Teeth Sensitivity

Peter Spennato, a well-known dentist in the United States says that irrespective of the type, there are certain causes which are accountable for teeth sensitivity and are listed below:

  • Too much of brushing can result in wearing down if the enamel of the teeth which in turn results in teeth sensitivity.
  • Tightening of teeth can result in the erosion of the tooth enamel as well as dentin
  • People in the age group of twenty five to thirty are most likely to have sensitive teeth
  • Build-up of plaque destroys bony support of the teeth which in turn results in teeth sensitivity.
  • A crack in the teeth can result in teeth sensitivity
  • Too much intake of acidic foods can cause serious damage to tooth enamel
  • Using items like baking sodas and peroxides to brighten teeth can immensely affect dentins

Peter Spennato who practices in San Pedro, California says that in case the teeth sensitivity lasts for more than couple of weeks then an individual must visit the dentist. The dentists usually treat this by applying fluoride varnish on the affected areas.  In addition, fluoride foam could be placed in mouth tray which can help in providing teeth with the required strength. In certain cases, a root canal therapy can be recommended to prevent further complication.

Appropriate oral hygiene is important to prevent diseases in the gums and causing sensitive-tooth pain. If you brush your teeth erroneously, or brush many times a day, your gums may become swollen and may turn out to be sensitive. Therefore, it is always better to ask your dentist if you have any questions about your daily oral hygiene routine.

Peter Spennato suggests that using a toothbrush with medium or hard bristles to brush in a vigorous way can cause more harm to the tooth enamel. Moreover, avoid the intake of too much of highly acidic foods such as citrus fruits, pickles and tomatoes can help in preventing sensitivity.

Dr. Spennato received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from a renowned university in the United States. He has been practicing dentistry for many years and strives to continue using advanced technology, materials, and techniques so that the best possible care can be offered to the patients. Thus, for tips and solutions on teeth sensitivity one should not hesitate to contact Dr. Spennato.

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