Addiction Rehab: Harm-Reduction Strategies up Close

Addiction Rehab: Harm-Reduction Strategies up Close

Addiction rehab treatment in Canada takes a more aggressive and meticulous route as the government offers more initiatives to reduce and eliminate the substance abuse pandemic. The national guidelines for low-risk alcohol drinking are a helpful tool that the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse has initiated. Harm-reduction strategies are likewise emphasized in order to help substance addicts and their loved ones manage the addiction and prevent any life-threatening circumstances in the future.

Addiction Rehab and Harm-Reduction Strategies

Using narcotics or drinking alcohol eventually takes its toll on the body and the overall health of the user and addict. The risks are higher and in most cases as in overdose scenarios, the situation could even become fatal. Substance abuse and addiction could affect physical growth, social and emotional development, and the general health of the individual. There are, however, different ways on how to reduce these risks and the harm from substance use and abuse.Image result for Addiction Rehab: Harm-Reduction Strategies up Close

Harm-Reduction for Narcotics Abuse

One of the best and surest ways to reduce harm when using narcotics is to avoid any risky activities and situations. For instance, you don’t get high on your narcotics of choice and drive because this is the surest way to get involved in life-threatening accidents and get fatal injuries. It is not safe to take prescription medication, let alone illicit drugs, and combine them with alcohol. This combination is a surefire way to overdose that when left unaddressed could result in permanent damage or worse, death.

Addiction rehab is a necessity if your substance use and abuse are getting out of control. However, if you cannot immediately get into an inpatient treatment program, you can still learn the harm-reduction strategies in case you get high again. Make safety plans to go home if you are having a session outside your home. Find a designated driver or have sufficient money in order to pay for bus fare or a taxi or call a loved one who can fetch you and drive you home safe and sound.

Harm-Reduction for Alcohol Addicts

Reducing harm when you are intoxicated is possible if you know what to do. For instance, have a snack or meal before or with your alcoholic drink. Never drink on an empty stomach as this could have adverse repercussions on your health. It is also best to drink slowly, preferably having less than 2 standard drinks within a 3-hour period. Take non-alcoholic beverages such as caffeine drinks or a glass of water in between drinks to avoid getting too intoxicated. Most importantly, never drink and drive. There are countless cases of DUI or drunk driving that have claimed lives in the previous years. If you are too far gone with your addiction, seek an addiction rehab assistance and find the best rehab facility right away.

Drug and alcohol abuse leads addicts to a downward spiral, often resulting in much worse situations and death. Getting hooked on narcotics and alcohol can be a temporary phase that you can certainly overcome with the right and timely professional help.

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