4 Signs That May Tell You It’s Better To Break Up

4 Signs That May Tell You It’s Better To Break Up

Do you have that feeling that the spark in your relationship has already gone? Have you talked about it many times but both of you still end up miserable at the end of the day? If you think that staying together is not good for you already, then maybe it’s time to let go. Here are 4 signs that separation is already the right choice.

  1. Perfectionism is sabotaging your relationship.

Over perfectionistic drives you over the line with the purpose to take on an obsessive territory.  Perfectionism can ruin a relationship as both of you see faults in each other, amplifies them while trying to minimize your own weakness. Consider undergoing Colleen Hurll Counselling to deal with this issue, and in case it won’t work, then letting go is the best option for the two of you.

  1. Your partner keeps wanting you to chance and it’s emotionally draining you.

You have started dating your partner a couple of years ago and things surely went well. However, it is likely that the only problem is that you desire to change some aspects of his personality and styles. Remember that even before you met him or her, your partner already has his or her own set of routines.  And so you do. Respect is the bottom line here.

 If you want to maintain a sense of respect for each other’s rituals before you have encountered each other, make sure that you do not restrict your partner do the things that he is not used to and skip those which he often loves to do. Of course, this is the case when he or she is already crossing the boundary. Trying to change your partner can lower his or her self- and can lead to miserable marriage.

  1. You’re fighting over money.

Money is one of the main reasons why marital strife happens. Sure thing, many people can easily relate to this fact based on hands-on experience. Husband and wide seems to be close to each other, but the force that tends to distract each from each other is money. The problem here is that it usually affects the family. If this keeps going on and on, you better consider separation.

  1. Unending Quarrel & Nagging

Nagging can be very annoying. Nagging is commonly compared to adultery and it is also potentially a toxic. Nagging boils down into faith. You nag because you fret that your partner won’t get to follow through. As a result, your partner will get annoyed and he or she will likely hate to cooperate with you any longer. And the cycle goes on and on. In this case, separation could be the best choice.

Marriage is supposed to be a source of inspiration and happiness. If things keep going wrong, then you may have to talk about it heart to heart. Consider undergoing a professional and friendly relationship counselling Castle Hill to resolve your issues and there’s still hope that you can save your relationship.


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